I’ve grown up in and around Redmond. From attending Horace Mann elementary, to playing little league softball on the Hartman fields, to commuting on the 542 bus to attend the UW, I am proud to call Redmond home.


I was born in Dallas, Texas to a middle-class American family that raised me to pursue an education and give back to society. Both of my parents taught me the value of hard work, community, and inclusion. I grew up watching my father work hard as a software engineer at Microsoft to put food on our family’s kitchen table, and my mother advocating as an active PTSA member to ensure the  best educational experience for not only my sisters and me, but also for all the other students around and those who come after us.


I received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Communication - Journalism from the University of Washington and have since worked at numerous nonprofit organizations in King County where I focused my work on making media and politics more representative and inclusive. In 2016, I had the distinct honor of serving as a Presidential Elector for Washington State and casting the official vote for the 1st Congressional District.


I bring the perspective as the daughter of parents who chose many years ago to make Redmond their home, and I’m also someone who has again chosen Redmond as a home for my own family. At a time when Redmond is changing and growing so quickly, it is so important for our city council to have the perspective of someone who understands why people want to live and work here. I chose Redmond and I hope you will choose me for Redmond City Council!



Equity + Inclusion

Redmond is growing quickly both in size and diversity. As Redmond becomes a more vibrant place, it is important we make sure our city is an affordable place to live, work, and play. Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. I plan to work towards creative solutions with our communities so that everyone feels welcome and can proudly call Redmond home.

Environmental sustainability

We’re lucky to live in a beautifully scenic region, and it’s on us to keep it this way. I envision our city being a leader in using renewable and equitable energy solutions for everyone. If elected, I will keep us focused on the goal of powering our city with zero carbon emissions to help better the world we live in.

Efficient transportation

Our growing city and region means more traffic on our roads. As we continue to expand, we need to expand our commuting options. I want to re-evaluate our roads and our bus system to make it easier to move around and through Redmond. Whether it’s electric cars, bikes, buses, or the incoming light rail, the future of transportation needs to be planned now.

Linking communities

Change can be exciting and scary at the same time. What makes Redmond amazing and so inviting is the people who live and work here, whether they’ve been here for generations or only a few months. I believe building bridges and connecting our growing community together through arts, culture, public spaces and discourse will keep Redmond safer and stronger together!